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Metal jacketing

We specialize in supplying supply a full range of Metal Jacketing Systems used for protection of insulated pipework, equipment, storage tanks and towers. As well as supplying cladding in flat sheet or coil we also supply a range of profiles or corrugations which are used to provide protection for insulated equipment, towers and storage tanks.

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Insulation Materials

We supply all types of materials used for industrial applications including thermal, cryogenic and Acoustic systems

Working closely with major manufacturers we source package, document and deliver mineral wool, calcium silicate, Cellular Glass, PIR, perlite and aerogel products around the world.

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Mastics & Adhesives

We are a preferred export partner for Foster HB fuller and supply the full range of Foster® brand products providing advanced coating solutions for the industrial, commercial and maintenance markets, with substantiated proven performance. Foster products are tested, approved and globally specified in various markets, such as LNG, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Offshore, Ship building and (Petro-)chemical industry.

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We supply a full range of insulation accessory products including Aluminium & FSK tapes, Glass filament tape, Butyl sheeting, Mylar foil, Insulation pins and washers, Mass loaded vinyl sheets, Coated and uncoated glass fabrics and insulation inspection ports.

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Fixing & Fastening

We supply the complete range of Fixings and Fasteners required for every industrial insulation system and specification used. Our Spencer range of ancillaries are manufactured to the highest quality standards and include Stainless Steel banding or strapping, banding wing seals, Stainless Steel Screws, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Rivets, lacing wire, Stainless Steel toggle fasteners, expansion springs tapes and adhesives.

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Support & Advice

Spencer Insulation is able to provide support and advice for all your industrial insulation requirements including

Insulation Design and Specifications, Insulation and Cladding Material Selection, Estimating and Tendering Including Detailed Material Take Off’s, Worldwide Material Sourcing, Export Packaging

Logistics, Shipping and Freight Forwarding Service, Quality Inspection Services.

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