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Globally, Foster® brand products provide advanced coating solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential construction and maintenance markets, with substantiated proven performance.

Cellular glass, its main composite is glass mixed with foam agent, produced through high temperature foaming and annealling, is a new type of inorganic thermal insulation material composed by thousands of tiny uniform hermetically sealed glass cells. The features are: low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor-tight, waterproof, non-combustible, mouldproof, pest proof, high mechanical strength but easy to process and anti chemical corrosion except hydrofluoric acid and etc. It contains no ozone depleting propellants, flame resistant additives or binders, without VOC or other volatile substances.


We manufacture a wide range of noise insulation and vibration damping materials for building and automotive applications. Our REVAC noise insulation range includes monolayer and multi-laminate composites available in sheet or pre-rolled forms. Dedpan vibration damping materials are designed to effect substantial noise reduction where structure borne vibration is a problem. Both Dedpan and Revac materials are environmentally safe and contain no toxic compounds. Our Primafoam range consists of a wide variety of close cell polyolefin foams in a range of colours and thicknesses. These foams will readily conform to any shape or space and find applications in cushioning and packaging. Polyolefin foams are completely inert and impervious to mold and rot.


Corrugated Metals
Corrugated Metals, Inc. (CMI) is a leading manufacturer of roll formed metal products, serving the Construction, Original Equipment and Defense Industries since 1887. CMI is proud to offer an excellent selection of products, coupled with high-volume production capacity, a broad range of equipment capabilities and innovative design engineering. We leverage these characteristics to build long-term customer relationships.




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Spencer Insulation Inc. is a leading global source for commercial and industrial insulation supplies and materials, as well as application specific technical support.


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