Fixing & Fastening

We supply the complete range of Fixings and Fasteners required for every industrial insulation system and specification used. Our Spencer range of ancillaries are manufactured to the highest quality standards and include Stainless Steel banding or strapping, banding wing seals, Stainless Steel Screws, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Rivets, lacing wire, Stainless Steel toggle fasteners, expansion springs tapes and adhesives.

We understand that fixings and fasteners are critical to the performance of insulation and cladding systems therefore all of our products are checked during the manufacturing process as well as prior to dispatch to ensure guaranteed quality of all our fixing and fasteners.

Spencer Stainless Steel Banding Type 304/316

Spencer Stainless Steel Wing Seals

Spencer Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Screws

Spencer Stainless Steel Tie Wires

Spencer Stainless Steel Toggle Latch

Spencer Expansion Springs

Stainless Steel and Galv Steel Flat Bar

Stainless Steel Bolts, Nuts and Washers

Stainless Steel Pop Rivets

Aluminium Pop Rivets

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We supply a full range of insulation accessory products including Aluminium & FSK tapes, Glass filament tape, Butyl sheeting, Mylar foil, Insulation pins and washers, Mass loaded vinyl sheets, Coated and uncoated glass fabrics and insulation inspection ports.

Banding & Seals

Insulation Banding is supplied in 3003/1050 Aluminium, 304/316 Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel in various widths.

Screws & Rivets

Self-Tapping & Self Drilling screws are available in all grades, sizes & heads.

Tapes, Foils & PIB

A non-staining, non-shrinking, strip form sealant based on butyl rubber for sealing between normal building materials.

Toggles & Hooks

Small toggle fastener ideal for securement of removable bands. Available in 304 stainless steel and zinc plated mild steel.

Wire, Wire Mesh & Expanded Metal

Wires of various diameter and material are available ex-stock. Popular thicknesses are 0.8, 1 & 1.2 MM in standard coil.

Perforated Sheets

This product is generally used for personal protection in the insulation industry. Sheets of 4ft X 8ft dimension with various hole sizes, perforation pattern and pitch are available with us.


We are a preferred export partner for Foster HB fuller and supply the full range of Foster® brand products providing advanced coating solutions for the industrial, commercial and maintenance markets, with substantiated proven performance. Foster products are tested, approved and globally specified in markets, such as LNG, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Offshore and more.

Foster Products

FOSTER 30-80 VAPOR-SAFE® COATING is a water base, fire-resistive, flexible, high solids vapor barrier finish for most types of thermal insulation, including polystyrene foam

FOSTER 30-36 MA Coating is a white, fire resistive, tough, washable, abrasion-resistant indoor coating specially formulated for marine applications with thermal insulation.

FOSTER FOAMSEAL 30-45N Sealant is a gray vapour barrier sealant designed for use with rigid thermal insulation including polystyrene foam. It remains flexible in joints and will not shrink or crack during repeated cycles of high and low temperatures.

FOSTER WEATHERITE MASTIC 46-50 is a fibrated water-based breather mastic. It features a bright white colour and extremely smooth, creamy, thixotropic consistency for fast, easy application.

FOSTER MONOLAR II Mastic 60-38/60-39 based on chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (formerly known as Hypalon®*) is a tough, flexible, fire-resistive elastomeric finish for protection of thermal insulation. It is also used as a vapor barrier finish for fittings. It is excellent for outdoor use where good colour retention, chemical resistance, and durability are required.

FOSTER MONOLAR Coating 60-95/60-96 is a tough flexible fire-resistive elastomeric finish for protection of outdoor thermal insulation. It contains chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (formerly known as Hypalon®*). It is an excellent vapor barrier for low temperature insulation on tanks, pipework, vessels, ductwork, and fittings

FOSTER C.I. MASTIC 60-25/60-26 is a tough, durable, high solids vapor barrier asphalt cutback mastic. Because of its low vapor permeance, it is an ideal surface coating for low temperature insulation on outdoor applications.

FOSTER MONOLAR Mastic 60-90/60-91 is a tough, flexible, and fire-resistive elastomeric finish for protection of outdoor thermal insulation. It contains chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (formerly known as Hypalon®*). It is an excellent vapour barrier for low temperature insulation on tanks, pipework, ductwork, vessels, and fittings

Foster Vapor-Fas 62-05 is a flexible vapor barrier jacketing material designed for use over insulation on commercial ductwork, piping and equipment. It is comprised of a 5-ply aluminium and polymer laminated film with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and release liner.

FOSTER FIRE RESISTIVE C.I. Mastic 65-05 is a tough, durable, high solids vapour barrier and weather-coating for the protection of thermal insulation in outdoor service. Its excellent weather and fire resistance makes it suitable for use in place of conventional asphalt cutback mastic. It is an ideal surface coating for low temperature insulating applications where the insulation used is not affected by mild solvents.

FOSTER Fibrous Adhesive 81-27 is a sodium silicate based incombustible adhesive for bonding calcium silicate and expanded perlite thermal insulation to itself and to nonporous surfaces. It offers maximum adhesion and optimum working qualities and it forms a hard, brittle, incombustible film.

FOSTER Fire Resistive Adhesive 81-33 is a superior adhesive for cementing thermal insulation to all structural surfaces. It is quick-setting, with good specific adhesion to iron, steel, aluminium, and most thermal insulations. Can be used without mechanical fastening for marine hull insulation.

FOSTER Adhesive/Sealant 81-84 is a two-component, high strength thermosetting urethane adhesive containing no flammable solvents. It is designed to bond various types of low-temperature insulation to themselves and to metal and masonry substrates. After curing, it forms a strong, yet flexible bond capable of withstanding thermal shock and mechanical impact

FOSTER FIRE RESISTIVE LAGGING ADHESIVE AND COATING 81-42 is a quick-setting water-based adhesive and coating used indoors to adhere and size canvas, glass cloth or other lagging fabric over pipe and duct insulation. It is also used to attach woven glass fibre tape to the joints of hard fibrous glass insulation board. This product is designed for marine and industrial use, and may be top-coated with solvent-based paints.

FOSTER CRYOGENIC ADHESIVE 82-77 is a chemically-curing composition which develops high tensile strength and adhesion, at room temperature, to a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, and masonry. It is supplied at virtually 100% solids enabling immediate bonding between non-porous surfaces without solvent entrapment problems.

FOSTER QUICK-TACK Adhesive 85-60 is a high tack, rapid setting water-base adhesive designed for bonding low density (up to 3#/cu. ft.) duct liner, duct wrap and fibrous glass insulations to painted or unpainted steel, galvanized or aluminium surfaces.

FOSTER Cryogenic Coating 90-66 is a two part black elastomeric coating designed for use in cryogenic and specific chemical resistance applications. It is suitable for application to polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam, cellular glass and fibrous glass insulations in conjunction with aluminium, steel, wood and masonry construction materials.

FOSTER ELASTOLAR Sealant 95-44 is a fire resistive, flexible butyl elastomer based vapor barrier sealant. It is designed for sealing joints in insulation (except polystyrene foam), metal, and masonry wherever maintenance of a water-tight and air-tight seal is required. It can be used as a joint sealant in low velocity duct air-conditioning systems. It is ideal for sealing the laps of aluminium jacketing to prevent the entrance of moisture.

FOSTER FLEXTRA Sealant 95-50 is a one component, elastomer-based product used as a vapour barrier sealant in the joints of cellular glass and urethane foam board stock insulations. It remains soft and flexible, preventing damage to the insulation due to thermal cycling through a wide range of temperatures.

FOSTER MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE 97-15 is a high tack, rapid-setting water-based adhesive for bonding polystyrene foam insulations (extruded and bead board), fibrous glass insulation and PIR/polyurethane board stock insulations to concrete, masonry, gypsum board, and other porous substrates. It is also ideal for bonding fibrous insulations to painted or unpainted steel, galvanized or aluminium surfaces.

Foster C.I. Wrap™ 30 is a 30-mil flexible vapor retarder sheet membrane. It is comprised of a synthetic, rubber modified asphalt laminated to a tough polymer film and a treated peel and stick release liner. It is available in 4” and 35.5” widths

Foster C.I. Wrap™ 50 is a heavy duty 50 mil flexible vapor retarder sheet membrane. It is comprised of a synthetic, rubber modified asphalt laminated to a tough polymer film and a treated peel and stick release liner. It is available in 4” and 36” widths.

MAST-A-FAB 42-24 has a synthetic fibre composition that provides for significantly greater elongation, recovery, and freedom from stress breakage. Glass cloth has virtually no elongation and breaks sharply under stress.

BOSS Products

The BOSS® line of products meets the needs of the most demanding applications.

BOSS® offers a wide variety of products, from state-of-the-art adhesives and industrial sealants to anti-seize compounds. BOSS® technology and quality ensure these products will perform to the highest levels, for industrial, construction, pool & spa, HVAC/R, and manufactured housing and RV markets.

Dow Corning Products

Dow Corning Sealants are used in a wide range of industries including construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial assembly and maintenance. Silicone sealants are used to protect and seal anything from the smallest silicon chip to the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Sealants are available in a wide range of product forms including free flowing, cure in place gasketing, elastomeric silicone rubber and lubricating greases. Our construction sealants are approved for use all over the globe and comply to ASTM, OSI, GB/T (China), BS 5889 and others. Dow Corning sealants are available in use ranges from -40° to 450° F (-40° to 232° C).

Insulation Materials

We supply all types of materials used for industrial applications including thermal, cryogenic and Acoustic systems. Working closely with major manufacturers we source package, document and deliver Mineralwool, Calcium Silicate, Cellular Glass, PIR, Perlite and Aerogel products around the world.


Insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It is manufactured by DEHE Cellular Glass in a block form and then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements.


insulation is specially designed for low temperature and cryogenic insulation. It has enhanced compressive strength at low temperatures whilst retaining elasticity so as to avoid cracking.


is a lightweight mineral fibre product designed for economic and effective insulation on thermal, acoustical and fire protection of building, industrial and marine industry. It consists of long, fine fibre spun from molten natural rock bonded with thermosetting resin.


insulation is a non-asbestos, high performance insulating material reinforced with inorganic fibre designed to provide excellent thermal and heat resistance insulation of heated equipment, process vessels and piping used in power stations, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries and other process industries.


insulation is light weight and it possesses excellent refractory and insulating properties. It is designed for a wide range of applications such as steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical and ceramic manufacturing industries.


products are suitable for operation in temperature of up to 550°C and are used for high temperature sealing of heating equipment, surface erosion control and thermal insulation applications of oil, gas, solid fuel and other heating appliances.


like Insulating firebrick is a lightweight brick that offers low heat conductivity of efficient insulation plus the ability to withstand direct exposure to furnace heat up to 1.800° C. Castable Refractory Concrete (Dense or Insulating) is suitable for solving refractory problems such as corrosion, abrasion, scale and molten slag to reduce high atmospheric temperatures. It can be either cast, troweled or gunned applied.

Metal Jacketing

Spencer Cladding Systems

We specialize in supplying supply a full range of Metal Jacketing Systems used for protection of insulated pipework, equipment, storage tanks and towers.

Spencer Aluminised Steel Type 1 cladding

Specification Details – BS 1449 part 1 Grade CR4, equivalent to a coating weight of 240-270 g/m2

Aluminised Steel type 1 is a high-integrity steel cladding offering a host of properties for performance critical applications such as building, power generating, petrochemical and oil industries and in marine environments.

Benefits include Strength, Corrosion resistance and Heat resistance. Aluminised Steel type 1 is Non-Combustible and has a high-temperature oxidation resistance.

Spencer Aluminium Cladding

Specification Details – Alloy type 1100, 3003, 3105 or 5005 available in smooth, stucco embossed and corrugated sheeting with factory applied moisture barrier.

Commercially pure aluminium is relatively soft as structural material. Its strength can be greatly improved by alloying aluminium with small percentages of one or more other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper, magnesium or zinc. Additional strength can be achieved by cold working, such as cold rolling.

Spencer Aluzinc Cladding

Specification Details Aluzinc – Aluminium-Zinc alloy coated steel sheets and coils according to ASTM A 792, lock forming quality, regular spangle, organic coating. Composition of coated layers – Aluminium: 55%, Zinc: 43.4 % & Silicon: 1.6 % with a coating weight of 185 g/m2

Aluzinc combines the advantages of the two major components of the coating: the barrier effect of Aluminium and the sacrificial protection of zinc, this result in a very good surface corrosion resistance. The characteristic silver metallic colour combined with small spangles of Aluzinc ensures a very attractive aspect.

Spencer Stainless Steel Cladding Type 304

Specification Details – Stainless-Steel Roll Jacketing is manufactured from AISI-304, AISI-304 prime grade Austenitic stainless steel with regular 2B finish for flatness and reduced glare.

The yield strength is 30,000/45,000 PSI, the tensile 75,000/100,000 PSI. For easy field fabrication, Spencer Stainless Steel Jacketing is supplied in annealed or soft condition.

Stainless Steel Jacketing has a melting point of approximately 2500 F Stainless Steel offers the best fire protection of all metals used for metal jacketing.

Spencer Stainless Steel Cladding Type 316 and 316L

Specification Details – Stainless-Steel Roll Jacketing is manufactured from ASTM A240 Type 316 prime grade Austenitic stainless steel with regular 2B finish for flatness and reduced glare.

Stainless Steel Jacketing has a melting point of approximately 2500 F Stainless Steel offers the best fire protection of all metals used for metal jacketing.