We supply a full range of insulation accessory products including Aluminium & FSK tapes, Glass filament tape, Butyl sheeting, Mylar foil, Insulation pins and washers, Mass loaded vinyl sheets, Coated and uncoated glass fabrics and insulation inspection ports.

Banding & Seals

Insulation Banding is supplied in 3003/1050 Aluminium, 304/316 Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel in various widths.

Screws & Rivets

Self-Tapping & Self Drilling screws are available in all grades, sizes & heads.

Tapes, Foils & PIB

A non-staining, non-shrinking, strip form sealant based on butyl rubber for sealing between normal building materials.

Toggles & Hooks

Small toggle fastener ideal for securement of removable bands. Available in 304 stainless steel and zinc plated mild steel.

Wire, Wire Mesh & Expanded Metal

Wires of various diameter and material are available ex-stock. Popular thicknesses are 0.8, 1 & 1.2 MM in standard coil.

Perforated Sheets

This product is generally used for personal protection in the insulation industry. Sheets of 4ft X 8ft dimension with various hole sizes, perforation pattern and pitch are available with us.